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Subject: information to the applicant filing his/her curriculum according to art. 13 of the L.D. 196/2003


1) as a result of receiving your curriculum, our company shall collect and process your possibly sensible and shared personal data.
2) We specify from now on, for clarity reasons, the following definitions of the L.D. 196/2003:

Processing: any operation, carried out also without electronic means, concerning data collection, recording, organization, keeping, reference, processing, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, freezing, reporting, disclosure, cancellation and destruction;
Personal data: any information concerning individuals, corporate, entities or associations, identified or that can be identified, even indirectly, through reference to any other information, including a personal identification number.
    Sensible data: sensible data mean all the data directly or indirectly enabling to know about:
    - race and ethnic origin;
    - religious, philosophic or other beliefs;
    - political convictions;
    - joining parties, labour unions, religious, philosophic, political or union associations or organizations;
    - health conditions and sex life;

all this being stated,

according to article 13 of the L.D. 196/2003 (Italian Privacy Act),
we inform you that
the collection and processing of your shared and sensible personal data shall be carried out complying with the following:

    a) purpose: all data shall be processed for:
    - selections, interviews, preparation of vocational profiles and similar;
    - correctly performing bureaucratic and accountancy matters and for all those company activities aimed at possibly employing you;
    - extracting information and comparing it with profiles of other applicants;
    - sending mail;
    b) modes: data shall be processed both with paper means/supports and with electronic/computer processing/computerised means, fully complying with the regulations in force, according to correctness and lawfulness principles, in order to protect your privacy;
    c) optional transfer: data transfer is optional and not compulsory;
    d) consequences of a possible rejection: the rejection to give data or the deny to their processing, after receiving this information, shall involve in any case the impossibility to establish and/or continue any relationship with you against our will;
    e) individuals or categories of individuals to whom data can be communicated or disclosed: data can be reported to individuals inside or outside the company, such as psychologists, lawyers, professional accountants, business consultants, doctors, etc., to which our company makes reference; data shall never be released;
    f) managers and operators charged with data processing: data shall be processed by managers and operators charged with the staff selection and accountancy/pay-roll area, by function managers and reception operators;
    g) rights of the party concerned: the party concerned enjoys all rights as per art. 7, enclosed to this information and forming part and parcel of it;
    h) owner: the owner of data processing is Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche S.p.A. based in Via Panaria Bassa 22/A 41034 Finale Emilia (MO) through its legal representative Mr. Giuliano Mussini;
    i) person in charge: the person in charge that can be contacted is Mr. Juri Torreggiani, with office in Reggio Emilia, via Piccard, 16/G, phone no. +39 0522 301169, fax no. 0522 387996, e-mail address You can contact him for any request of information or explanation. The full and continuously updated list of the persons in charge is available and can be referred to in the Web site
    This information letter can be integrated, both verbally or in writing, with further elements or data, to satisfy in the best way any information need as for “Privacy” and to comply with the future evolution of the relevant norms.

See art. 7, L.D. 196/2003 (rights of the party concerned) here below.
Art. 7, L.D. 196/2003 (Right of access to personal data and other rights).
1. The party concerned enjoys the right to get confirmation about the presence or absence of his/her own personal data - even if not recorded yet - and their intelligible communication.
2. The party concerned can ask for the following:
a) origin of processed personal data;
b) purposes and modes of data processing;
c) applied logic in case of processing made with electronic means;
d) identification data of the owner, of the persons in charge and of the representative charged according to art. 5, clause 2;
e) individuals or categories of individuals to whom personal data can be communicated or that could be informed about them, being charged representatives in the area of the Country, persons in charge or charged with data processing.
3. The party concerned enjoys the right to get:
a) data updating, correction or - whenever interested - addition;
b) data cancellation, conversion into anonymous information or freezing of processed data as a result of law infringement, including those data that should not be kept for the purpose they had been collected or processed later on for;
c) declaration that the operations of items a) and b) where disclosed - even for their content - to those being informed or getting information about the data, except when such fulfilment becomes impossible or involves the use of widely exorbitant means vs. the safeguarded right.
4. The party concerned can object, fully or partly:
a) to the processing of his/her own personal data, even if they are pertinent to the purpose of data collection, for lawful reasons;
b) to the processing of his/her own personal data for the sending of advertising materials, for direct sale or for carrying out market surveys or commercial reporting.
Consent by the applicant filing his/her curriculum according to art. 13 of the L.D. 196/2003.

1. Dichiaro di aver attentamente letto e compreso in tutte le sue parti l’informativa di cui all’art. 13 D. Lgs. 196/2003;
2. Dichiaro di conoscere perfettamente i miei diritti ai sensi dell’art. 7 D. Lgs. 196/2003;
3. Dichiaro di agire in totale libertà e privo/a da qualsivoglia condizionamento e/o pressione psicologica;
all this being stated,
I give my widest consent
to the collection and processing of my shared and sensible personal data, required for the purposes of the above information.

I declare to have read and understood the above terms and I wish to submit my curriculum vitae